About the Institute for Computer Research (ICR)

Currently, total research funding to members and groups in ICR is in excess of $9M per annum. Much of the research carried out by ICR federated groups has found direct industrial application in the form of spin-off companies located in Waterloo or Toronto. A partial list of some of these companies founded by members of ICR includes:

  • Certicom Corp., Data encryption systems
  • DALSA Inc., CCD image sensors
  • Open Text Corporation, Leveraging rich media in enterprises
  • Sirific Wireless, RF chip technology
  • Sybase Canada Inc., embedded databases enabling the unwired enterprise
  • Virtek Vision Corp., Machine vision and robotics systems for industry
  • Waterloo Maple Inc., Symbolic algebra software

ICR promotes cooperation among its researchers, and enhances the computer research environment by sponsoring seminars, organizing short courses for industry and providing post graduate scholarships to attract the best students to computer-related academic programs.

ICR is a catalyst for Research and Digital Media. More details can be found here: http://dmet.uwaterloo.ca