We hereby apply to the ICR Board for a three-year renewable term of federation with the Institute for Computer Research (ICR). If admitted, we agree to:

  • Support ICR's objective of co-operation by:
    1. Giving research presentations to industry
    2. Talking with industrial and research visitors
    3. Promoting communication and collaboration among researchers at the University of Waterloo
    4. Assisting graduate students and technical staff participating in ICR research presentations
    5. Providing material for ICR's technical report series, newsletters and catalogue of research if such material is appropriate
    6. Bringing potential research problems to the attention of ICR's staff and members
    • It is expected that groups will be approached through the designated contact person for ICR, and that suitable individuals within the group will be identified for specific needs and encouraged by the group to participate.
  • Maintain financial self-sufficiency, perhaps by resource sharing with other ICR groups.
  • Authorize the release of any Office of Research information required by ICR to undertake its responsibilities. Before such information is divulged to third parties, ICR will seek approval of the group's designated contact person or of the researchers involved. Summaries of grant documents such as the Institute's Annual Report, periodic reports to granting agencies, and other materials distributed to industry.
  • Co-operate with ICR staff in the preparation of the portions of the annual research report relating to the group's research activities.

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