Please attach a brief (e.g. half page) description of your research and a short CV.

Institute for Computer Research (ICR) members are expected to do the following:

  • Support ICR’s objective of co-operation with industry by:
    1. Giving research presentations to industry;
    2. Talking with industrial and research visitors;
    3. Assisting graduate students and technical staff participating in ICR research presentations;
    4. Providing material for the ICR technical report series, newsletters and catalogue of research if such material is appropriate;
    5. Bringing potential industrial research problems to the attention of ICR’s staff and members.
  • Authorize the release of any Office of Research information required by ICR to undertake its responsibilities.  Before such information is divulged to third parties, ICR will seek the approval of the researchers involved.  Summaries of grant proposals and budgetary information are a useful and necessary content for ICR public documents such as the Institute’s Annual Report, periodic reports to granting agencies, and other materials distributed to industry.
  • Co-operate with ICR staff in the preparation of the portions of the annual research relating to their research activities.

I hereby apply to the ICR Board for membership in the Institute for Computer Research.  I understand that the ICR Operations Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding this application and that it will periodically review membership status.  In case where compatibility with ICR objectives is unclear, re-application may be requested.

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