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The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) is a scientific research institute at the University of Waterloo. The research happening at IQC harnesses the quantum laws of nature in order to develop powerful new technologies and drive future economies.

What is quantum computing?

Start with our Quantum computing 101 page. It's a quick start guide on quantum computing to help you understand some of the basic principles of quantum mechanics.

Delivering on the quantum promise 

The Transformative Quantum Technologies (TQT) program at the University of Waterloo aims to advance the use of quantum mechanics from laboratory curiosity to an impactful device. 

  1. Jan. 21, 2021Seminal quantum error correction paper included in Physical Review A Milestones List

    A research paper published in 2012 by Matteo Mariantoni, faculty member at the Institute for Quantum Computing and in the University of Waterloo Department of Physics and Astronomy, appeared on the Physical Review A 50th Annive

  2. Jan. 18, 2021Taking qubits to the next level

    Researchers have implemented a gate used in important quantum algorithms in one step on a three-level quantum system—a qutrit—for the first time.

  3. Jan. 4, 2021Questing for a quantum solution

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    In his most recent collaboration with IBM, IQC and University of Waterloo Combinatorics and Optimization faculty member David Gosset has developed classical algorithms to simulate certain restricted types of quantum computation.

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  1. Jan. 26, 2021From Concept to Market: Realities of Commercializing Your Research

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    Have you considered commercializing your research? Or starting a company of your own?

    How do you turn your research into a scalable business? Learn how to navigate the transition from the lab (or whiteboard) to market and speak the language that will attract investment to your concept.

  2. Jan. 27, 2021IQC Student Seminar featuring Lane Gunderman

    Changing the local-dimension of an entanglement-assisted stabilizer code removes entanglement need

  3. Jan. 29, 2021IQC Journal Club/Seminar Series

    Designing control protocols to enhance the coherence of superconducting qubits
    Speaker: Ziwen Huang, Northwestern University

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