Jose (Roberto) Romero

Roberto Romero
519-888-4567 x31323
Office QNC B203, Lab QNC 4302

As the Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator, as well as the Fire and Emergency Evacuation Coordinator, for the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), Roberto can help with any of your safety questions. He can help you find out what safety training you require and what procedures you should follow.

As the Electronics and Instrumentation Technologist at IQC, Roberto is responsible for:

  • Cryogenics
  • Milling: PCB (Printed Circuit Board), Soft Substrates and Soft Metals
  • Electro-plating
  • General Electronics Design and Assembly
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electronics Shop (free consumables – general resource for IQC members)
  • Equipment: Rental, Maintenance, Calibration and Certification
  • Temperature and humidity lab analysis data

Before joining IQC in May 2011, Roberto worked in the electronics engineering and manufacturing industry for 12 years. His experience includes:

  • New product application development
  • Validation and production test software development
  • New product validation and verification
  • Automated test systems development
  • Production personnel training
  • Technical support

Roberto also has information on companies that help provide solutions for IQC members in need of more resources.