March 2016

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Quantum Computational Intelligence

Imagine solving mathematical problems where you could use the full physical range of computational possibilities within the laws of the universe, and be inspired by the sublime algorithmic intelligence of the human brain. This is precisely why the emerging field of quantum machine learning (QML) has received so much recent attention. In this blog post, we’d like to discuss the fundamental ideas and applied value of machine learning to computation in general, and then contextualize these ideas in a new way within the paradigm of quantum computation.

Diary of a quantum engineer

Quantum engineering is a term that is becoming increasingly common across research groups and industry alike. One example, which is the subject of this blog post, is the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantum Engineering, based at the University of Bristol. It is a centre that I myself have been trained in, and currently am part of. But what is a Centre for Doctoral Training (or ‘CDT’ as they are commonly referred to), and what is quantum engineering?

Lights, camera, experiment. Why video abstracts are here to stay.

Until recently, researchers had two common ways they could share their work: written papers and verbal lectures. In fact, for centuries these were our only basic forms of communication with one another, and if an individual wished to share an idea with someone else they would either have to write it down or tell them in person.

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