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Diversity matters

Why does it matter? For Steve Woods, Google’s Senior Engineering Director, it’s a solid business strategy. He should know, Google in Canada has been awarded best workplace in Canada five consecutive years (2011-2015).

On June 17, I attended a Communitech session called Great people build great companies. Woods shared that to stay competitive, businesses need diversity because sustainable companies are grounded in diverse ideas. His presentation was impressive and it was obvious that he deeply cares.

On weirdness

You, me and Einstein hanging out with our mysterious devices in 3 different buildings around the city

Quantum mechanics is weird. You have probably heard this before. If you are a scientist you might have even said it before when trying to explain something to a layperson. If you are not a scientist then you have probably heard it and it has probably been frustrating to hear, because usually it is given in lieu of an explanation. It is both a true statement, and a dangerous one. Why is it dangerous? Because it gives people the wrong impression.

Learning business lingo is the first step to success for IQC entrepreneurs

During the February meeting of the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) Entrepreneurship group, postdoctoral fellow (postdoc) Rolf Horn spoke to us about the basics of business and start-up jargon, including information on intellectual property and business strategy. For scientists, sitting down to learn the definitions of business words can seem like a waste of time: many of the terms and concepts appear fluffy in comparison to those defined in quantum computing. But there are some very good reasons why you should know how to talk the talk.

I have a dream

In 1963, Martin Luther King famously said:

I have a dream that my four little children
will one day live in a nation
where they will not be judged by the color of their skin
but by the content of their character.

In 2015, I would like to say:

Quantum satellites and general relativity

The race towards quantum communication satellites is under way. Various collaborations around the world are designing the first prototype experiments and the Institute for Quantum Computing's (IQC) Quantum Encryption and Science Satellite (QEYSSat) is at the forefront. The challenge is motivated by the potential of building a world-wide Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) network.

Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to the IQC blog - written by quantum researchers for quantum researchers and those interested in their work.


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