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Welcome to the IQC blog - written by quantum researchers for quantum researchers and those interested in their work.

A couple of times a month, IQC students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and invited guests will share their thoughts and ideas closely related to quantum information science and technology. From general ideas about how we do the research, to technical discussions about quantum information, the content will cover a variety of levels of technicality, in a variety of formats, from a variety of perspectives.

As a reader, you'll have the opportunity to find out more about our researchers and their work. This blog will give you insight into what we're doing at IQC, our thinking about the quantum world and the ways it can impact science and society.

We welcome discussion about the concepts you'll find here, as well as suggestions on topics that you'd like us to cover. And, if you're ever interested in contributing, email jodi.szimanski@uwaterloo.ca.


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As an undergraduate Physics student, I look forward to reading this blog and learning about what new innovations are being made in QIP. 

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