Speakers at the Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography (TQC) 2009 conference include:

  • Robin Blume-Kohout, Perimeter Institute "Tomography: what is it good for?"
  • Peter Turner, University of Tokyo "Comparison of maximum-likelihood and linear reconstructionschemes in quantum measurement tomography"
  • Colm Ryan, Institute for Quantum Computing "Randomized benchmarking in liquid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)"
  • David Cory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) "Efficient and robust decoupling"
  • John Holbrook, University of Guelph "Introduction to numerical ranges"
  • Marcus Silva, University of Sherbrooke "Numerical ranges and minimal fidelity guarantees in the physical realization of unitaries"
  • Yiu Tung Poon, Iowa State University "Generalized numerical ranges and quantum error correction"
  • Cedric Beny, National University of Singapore "Inverting a channel with near-optimal worst-case entanglement fidelity"
  • Chi-Kwong Li, College of William and Mary "Completely positive linear maps, unitary orbits, and quantum operations"
  • Claudio Altafini, International School for Advanced Studies "Feedback schemes for radiation dampaning supression in NMR: a control-theoretical perspective"
  • Thomas Schulte-Herbruggen, Technical university of Munich, Germany "Matching Lie and Markov properties in open quantum systems"
  • Masoud Mohseni, Harvard "Hamiltonian estimation and dynamical control via partial quantum tomography"
  • Bei-Lok Hu, University of Maryland "Entanglement dynamics between two qubits in a quantum field: birth, death and revivals"

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