IQC faculty teaching quantum undergraduate courses

Some faculty members at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) are teaching courses at the undergraduate level pertaining to quantum information science and technology.

Course number Course name Faculty
ECE 403 Thermal Physics Guoxing Miao
ECE 405 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics Joseph Emerson
MNS 410 Special Topics in Solid-State Materials Dmitry Pushin

CO 481/
CS 467/
PHYS 467

Introduction to Quantum Information Processing Debbie Leung
MATH 239 Introduction to Combinatorics David Gosset
MATH 239 Introdcution to Combinatorics Jon Yard

Educational programs

QKD - Quantum Key Distribution Summer School

USEQIP - Undergraduate School on Experimental Quantum Information Processing

QCSYS - Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students

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