Quantum technology for the curriculum

November 22 – 24, 2019

Teaching Quantum Technologies

The application for Schrödinger's Class is now closed. Fill in our online form to be contacted when the 2020 application opens.

Join us for three days at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) for the Schrödinger's Class November 22 - 24 , 2019. You will have the opportunity to attend lectures and engage in hands-on activities focused on the integration of quantum technology into the current teaching curriculum. We will discuss quantum information science and technology to give you a deeper understanding of quantum mechanics. You will discover how harnessing remarkable quantum phenomena is not only transforming the way we compute and communicate today, but how it will change the technological landscape of tomorrow.

You will leave this workshop with:

  • The ability to teach quantum mechanics beyond the basics and discuss cutting-edge advances in the field
  • Lesson plans and other affordable, ready-to-go activities for you to take back to your classroom.
  • Discussion points about how quantum mechanics can transform society

Free workshop for eligible teachers

There is no cost for this workshop. A $100 deposit is required to secure your spot. The deposit is refunded after completion of the workshop. If you live more than 50 km from Waterloo, we will book your accommodations at no cost to you. For those travelling further that need a travel day on Thursday and/or Monday, a teacher release subsidy can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Introduce the concept of wave-particle duality multiple complementary ways
  • Introduce quantum superposition using inexpensive light polarizers
  • Teach a simple quantum computing algorithm
  • Demystify quantum entanglement via simple physics and math
  • Teach quantum cryptography with a group activity using simple and affordable equipment
  • Build a laser-based quantum cryptography demo

For more information about what you’ll learn in Schrödinger's Class, visit the Workshop Curriculum page.

Space is limited

This workshop is open to any Canadian science and technology teachers with a focus on physics and chemistry. Teachers outside Canada are also welcome, though space is limited. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this brand new program!

We’ll let you know if your application has been accepted by Friday, October 11.