Quantum Innovators Program January 2014

Note that other than Keynote talks, all presentations are 30 minutes.

Friday, January 17 - RAC1 2009

Time Speaker Presentation Title
11:50   Introductions
12:00 Michal Bajcsy, Institute for Quantum Computing Keynote: Nano-photonic structures for scalable applications of quantum optics
1:10 Victor Acosta, Google [x] Quantum optical devices with NV-doped diamond
1:40 Ashok Ajoy, MIT Towards atomic scale nuclear spin imaging with quantum assisted sensors in diamond
2:20 Yaron Artzi, Technion Towards a scalable spin-based QC with ESR micro-imaging
2:50 Rami Barends, University of California, Santa Barbara High fidelity gates and states in a 5 Xmon qubit processor
3:30 Julien Basset, ETH Zurich Single-electron double quantum dot dipole-coupled to a single photonic mode
4:00 Chinmay Belthangady, Harvard Quantum-assisted techniques in NV magnetometry
4:40 Alexander Burgers, Michigan Demonstration of Entanglement between a Photon and a Quantum Dot
5:10 Raouf Didri, UBC Algebraic geometry tools for contextuality and computation
5:50   Tour of RAC2 Building & Labs

Saturday, January 18 - RAC1 2009

Time Speaker Presentation Title
9:00 Luming Duan, Michigan Keynote: Quantum computation and simulation with trapped ions: recent progress
10:10 Manuel Endres, Max-Planck Institute of Quantum Optics Dynamics of string correlations and spin impurities
10:40 Chris Ferrie, University of New Mexico Weak value amplification considered harmful
11:20 Pol Forn-Diaz, Institute for Quantum Computing An on-chip atom-photon interface using photonic nanostructures
11:50 Jeff Hill, Stanford Optomechanics for Coherent Wavelength Conversion
12:20   Concurrent lunch served
12:30 Amir Kalev, University of New Mexico Quantum process tomography of near-unitary maps
1:00 Dawei Lu, Institute for Quantum Computing How to certify Clifford gates – 7 qubit NMR as an example
1:40 Alireza Marandi, Stanford Network of optical parametric oscillators for solving NP-hard Ising problems
2:10 Filippo Miatto, University of Ottawa Quantitative Quantum Duality
2:50 Tauno Palomaki, University of Colorado & NIST Quantum Motion and Microwave Fields
3:20 Chris Payette, Princeton Quantum Information Processing in Si/SiGe Quantum Dots
4:00 Kristin Pudenz, USC Error Corrected Quantum Annealing with Hundreds of Qubits
4:30 Michael Reimer, TU Delft Ideal single-photon emission from shaped nanowire heterostructures

Sunday, January 19 - RAC1 2009

Time Speaker Presentation Title
9:00 Jay Gambetta, IBM Talk Title TBA
10:10 Darius Sadri, Princeton A Dissipation Induced Classical to Quantum Transition
10:40 Haijing Wang, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers for Novel Spin Polarization and Detection
11:20 Gary Wolfowicz, Oxford/University College London Decoherence in bismuth donors in silicon
12:00 Michal Bajcsy, Institute for Quantum Computing
Jay Gambetta, IBM
Stephanie Simmons, Oxford
Group Discussion & Lunch Location: RAC2, Room 2004
2:10   Tour of RAC1 Building & Labs

Monday, January 20 - Lazaridis Centre, Room 1201

Time Speaker Presentation Title
9:00 Stephanie Simmons, Oxford Donor spins in silicon
10:00   Meeting with Institute for Quantum Computing faculty

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