The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) hosts researchers of many levels of expertise working in quantum information science. If you are a researcher interested in visiting IQC, please fill in the visitor form.

If you are a student interested in visiting IQC or a researcher interested in a short-term visit to IQC, you are encouraged to first contact a faculty member within IQC with whom you wish to work.

Please note that some visitors may encounter delays and problems to to immigration regulations – last-minute requests may not be possible to accommodate for this reason.

Information for visitors

Travelling to IQC

The Institute for Quantum Computing is located in the Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre in the heart of the University of Waterloo campus and the Research Advancement Centre, located on the north part campus.



Once you're here


Please note that citizens of some countries may need a visa to enter Canada. If you need a visa, please register early. You may need the confirmation letter of acceptance to the conference for a visa application.

The Immigration Canada website has more information.


Find a comfortable place to stay while you're visiting IQC. Below are some options for on- and off-campus accommodations.

Where to eat on and off campus

Whether it's a cup of coffee or fine dining, you can find to curb any craving both on and off campus.

Internet access

Stay connected while you're visiting IQC and on campus by accessing Waterloo's wireless internet.

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