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Our research is about science and engineering at the atomic scale. That is the design, fabrication and exploitation of materials and structures where dimensions are measured in billionths of a meter (10-9 m). A nanometer.

The extraordinary range of possibilities offered by nanotechnology is based on the fact that the properties of materials change – sometimes radically – when their size approaches that of a few tens or hundreds of atoms.

By taking advantage of the unique phenomena which predominate at the atomic-scale, our scientists and engineering are discovering and developing nano-materials, nano-electronics, nano-instrumentation and nano-biosystems that will fundamentally change the world.


WIN is a University Research Centre, founded in 2008. Dr. Arthur Carty was the inaugural Executive Director of WIN from 2008-2016. He served as Canada’s first National Science Advisor to the Prime Minister and to the Government of Canada from 2004-2008. Prior to his appointment as National Science Advisor, he was President of the National Research Council Canada (NRC), Canada’s National Laboratory, for ten years (1994-2004).