Space Committee

The purpose of the WIN Space Committee is to plan, allocate, track, manage and report on all assignable space in the most efficient, transparent, equitable manner in consultation with department chairs & deans.

WIN Health & Safety Committee

The WIN Health & Safety Committee will review issues across the facility related to the safety of workers ‐ preventative safety measures, work practices, compliance and overall safety awareness.

The committee will be the record keeper of all health and safety inspections conducted by the respective units (Departments) and any outstanding issues will be tracked and communicated through appropriate supervisory channel.

The committee will strive to facilitate an open forum for worker and management members alike to discuss health and safety related topics in the workplace and intends to actively contribute to a safe work environment.

The committee will support the Health and Safety Coordinators (HSC) in carrying out their duties under the Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS) and contribute toward the building of a safety culture.

Special Projects and Research Committee (SPARC)

The purpose of SPARC is to be the advisory committee to the Executive Director of WIN on the strategic development of research areas at the institution, including the prioritization and funding of research projects and opportunities.