WIN Organizational Chart

Organization Chart

Board of Directors (BOD)

The BOD provides operational oversight and approval. The BOD:

  1. receives regular and annual activity and financial reports from the Executive Director;
  2. develops and approves policies;
  3. approves memberships; and,
  4. considers all matters relevant to the successful operation of the institute.

The BOD consists of members of the research, institutional and corporate communities who have expertise on nanotechnology issues and who are interested in and committed to the institute’s mission. The directors include:

  • the WIN Executive Director
  • Deans of Engineering and Science
  • Three industrial/partner members
  • Three core WIN faculty members

International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB)

The ISAB is an external expert committee that provides advice to the executive director and the Board of Directors of WIN on the excellence, relevance and impact of research programs carried out by WIN members and other issues of scientific importance that may affect WIN’s progress and goals.