WIN Scholarly Talks

The Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) Distinguished Lecture Series and Seminar Series bring scholars from around the globe to expand our knowledge base and stimulate new ways of thinking. 

Past WIN Distinguished Lectures and Seminars are available for viewing online at WIN YouTube channel

Distinguished Lecture Series

Speaker speaking to studentsThe WIN Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) is our premier event. Featuring select, world-renowned scholars whose research has fundamentally changed the discipline of nanotechnology. 

Scholars are invited for a two day program of meetings, dinners and with WIN members and facilities.This capped off by a widely attended public lecture by the scholar. The Distinguished Lecture Series not only raises the profile of WIN internationally, but it raises the level of scholarly discussion within our membership. Whether it be through meetings with the Distinguished Lecturer, witnessing a compelling public talk by a Nobel Laureate, or having a fruitful discussion with a colleague during the DLS reception.

Seminar Series

WIN is committed to supporting the scholarly connections of its membership by hosting Seminar Series.

The WIN Seminar Series (SS) is designed to provide scholarly discussion on a number of relevant research topics in nanotechnology. The series also provides as an opportunity for colleagues of WIN members to invited potential colleagues to Waterloo in order to further collaboration or exchange students.

WIN members may submit the names of potential seminar speakers for consideration. 

WIN Nano Graduate Student Seminar Series

The WIN Nano Graduate Student Seminar Series provides an opportunity for nanotechnology graduate students of WIN members to present and discuss their research, to help foster knowledge exchange and dialogue between researchers and across disciplines. This seminar series was initiated by WIN member Professor Xiaosong Wang. 

Visit WIN

WIN Executive Director Arthur Carty giving a tour of the Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano CentreWIN is an open and responsive institute. It values interaction and is committed to receiving interest from international delegations, industry, government, journalists, students and academic visitors.

As the singular voice of nano at the University of Waterloo, WIN is the first destination for people looking for nanotechnology research, partnership, scholarship and facilities access.

A first stop is meeting with WIN Executive Director Dr. Arthur Carty and Managing Director Mr. Alain Francq for an orientation. Visits with faculty members and facilities can be arranged with enough notice.

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