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Virtual Researcher On Call

Using technology to reach K-12 students

WIN is the administrative centre for a Virtual Researcher On Call (VROC) science-outreach program. VROC has partnered with the University of Waterloo in an initiative to share Nanotechnology research and other science and engineering topics with high school students in Ontario. VROC brings a live researcher into any classroom in Ontario through the use of videoconferencing methods. There is a virtual site at the University of Waterloo through the Engineering Video Conferencing Centre. By participating in VROC teachers and students hear real-time about the latest advances in health research, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The experience is a two-way interactive session between the students and the researcher where both sides can see and hear each other – providing for a truly dynamic and thought-provoking experience. VROC has facilitated over 240 sessions.

Another example of VROC’s offering is it’s on-going weekly pod-cast series called, This Week In Science & Education (TWiSE). Streamed live to the internet this show features scientists, including WIN researchers, who discuss and debate topics in science and education.