Giga-to-Nano-Electronics (G2N) Centre

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  • Giga is the Greek prefix for "billion"
  • Nano is the Greek prefix for "billionth"

Giga-to-Nano-Electronics (G2N) Centre works with nanomaterials to make large area (billion pixels) displays. The novel research focus is on displays that are flexible, organic and transparent.

The $17 million G2N Centre provides novel micro- and nanofabrication, characterization and testing facilities for academic and industrial research and development. The G2N facility provides fabrication and characterization capabilities unique in Canada, in particular, in large area electronics and electronics on unconventional substrates (glass, plastic foils, metal foils, and paper).

Researcher looking into a microscopeThe main facilities include deposition capabilities for a variety of semiconductor, dielectric and conductive thin films: amorphous, nanocrystalline and poly-Si, SiOx, SiNx, SiOxNy, SiC, SiCN, ITO, ZnO, Al, Cr, Mo, W, Ta, organic materials (both small-molecule and polymers). G2N has ultraviolet contact lithography capabilities with resolution about 1 micrometer and both wet etching and dry etching capabilities. G2N also features wafer dicing and wire bonding capabilities as well as a wide variety of thin film, device and circuit characterization tools.

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Location: Engineering 3 building (E3)


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