News archive - April 2021

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Adding speed to COVID-testing

Image of COVID-19

Researchers at the University of Waterloo are developing a new COVID-19 test that can be administered at home using saliva, aiming to deliver a positive or negative result in less than 20 minutes.

It’s a possible solution to the current delays in receiving test results and a much more pleasant option for those requiring frequent tests, researchers said. They hope the tests will become available over the counter at pharmacies across Canada.

“The use of paper devices coated with nanoparticles for COVID detection is a game changer.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Alumni medical startup NERv primed for more growth

NERv Technology staff group photo

A medical startup company founded by two Nanotechnology Engineering graduates has raised US $2.65 million to continue its growth.