European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company innovation partners with ProDalG Biofuels (Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology member Dr. Eric Prouzet & Mark Sales)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) Innovation Works, the research arm of aerospace and defence group EADS, is partnering with Canada’s ProDalG Biofuels Inc. to sponsor innovative, eco-efficient photobioreactor technology for the growth of algae-based biomass and renewable oils.

This teaming will support ProDalG Biofuels’ demonstration of its closed-continuous photobioreactor technology concept, which employs the highly-efficient injection of industrial CO2 into water. In the process, nearly all of the CO2 is used for algae bioconversion – differing from the more common “bubbling” procedure, in which less than 5 percent of the gas is absorbed efficiently, while the rest escapes back into the atmosphere.

Our support of ProDalG Biofuels’ photobioreactor development is part of EADS’ global strategy to discover promising efforts that could bring a new generation of alternative fuels to market for air transport and other applications,

said Dr. Jean J. Botti, the Chief Technical Officer of EADS.

Working with this Canadian start-up, and our other Canadian partners, is a further extension of EADS Innovation Works’ eCO2avia activities, which also includes such efforts as hybrid propulsion.

ProDalG Biofuels Inc. was co-founded by Dr Eric Prouzet, Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Associate Professor of Chemistry and Nanotechnology at Canada’s University of Waterloo; and Mark Sales, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & President. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada at the MaRS Discovery District – a public-private partnership that provides resources for science, technology and social entrepreneurs.

With EADS Innovation Works’ support in the early stages of our commercialization, we now are able to complete our proof-of-concept demonstration before readying our pilot project for an eventual next phase with an industrial partner,

said Mr. Sales of ProDalG.

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