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Successful Nanotechnology Soochow-UW Students Complete First Phase of Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Degree Program

Monday, May 27, 2013

Successful Nanotechnology Soochow-UW Students Complete First Phase of Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Degree Program

The first group of students to enroll in the Soochow University - University of Waterloo 3+1+1 Joint Education Program in Nanotechnology have just completed the first phase of their studies in May.   The University of Waterloo and Soochow University, along with the Suzhou Industrial Park signed an agreement in February 2012 for Research Co-operation and Educational Exchange.  Under this program, research collaborations between faculty in both institutions are supported, and Soochow students are enabled to pursue graduate degrees at UW in either the 2+2 Co-tutelle PhD Program, or the dual undergraduate/graduate 3+1+1 Program.

Students Kun Feng, Lilei Hu, and Weihang Liu arrived at UW in the Fall 2012 term and having successfully completed the first year of the 3+1+1 program, they are all advancing to full graduate studies at UW.  Feng and Liu are both students in the Department of Chemical Engineering, and have presented the findings of their projects entitled “Applications of Novel Nano-sized Co3O4 in Lithium Ion Batteries” and “Continuous Process of NBR Hydrogenation” respectively.  Lilei Hu, a student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, presented his project “ZnO Nanowire Synthesis for Nano-electronic Applications.”  Feng and Hu have applied to the Master of Applied Science program, while Liu is applying directly to the 2+2 PhD program.

Professor Qinmin Pan, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Soochow University and Adjunct Professor at UW comments, “I attended both Kun’s and Lilei’s BASc project presentations.  I was pleased to find that their projects were going very well, that they both achieved meaningful results and received excellent training.  I’m also delighted to see Weihang going to pursue PhD studies under the 2+2 Program.  The excellence of the supervision provided by Professors Chen, Wong and Rempel is greatly appreciated.”

In the Fall 2013, nine more 3+1+1 students will be admitted to UW, and the first batch of 2+2 PhD Co-tutelle students are set to arrive as well.  The Joint Institute’s goal is have 15 on-going 3+1+1 students and 25 on-going 2+2 students enrolled at UW by 2016.

Dr Arthur Carty, Executive Director of the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology, who spear-headed the Research and Education Program along with Dr Shuit-Tong Lee of Soochow University commented, “the Joint Education Program is off to an excellent start, and we anticipate that many more students will join the innovative programs in 2013.”                          

Kun Feng with Professor Pan, Yu, and Chen
Kun Feng with Professors Pan, Yu, and Chen

Kun Feng, Dr. Jian-Kin Yao, Weihang Liu, and Lilei Hu
Kun Feng, Dr. Jian-Kin Yao (Deputy Dean of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Soochow), Weihang Liu and Lilei Hu

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