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WIN members and industry partnersWIN members and industry partners (L-R): Peter Van Ballegooie (EcoSynthetix); Leonardo Simon (Chem Eng, WIN); Michael Tam (Chem Eng, WIN); Boxin Zhao (Chem Eng, WIN); Arthur Carty (WIN); Steven Bloembergen (EcoSynthetix)

Collaborative partnerships with industry continues to be an important element of WIN's Strategic Plans.

WIN has hosted visits, arranged roundtables and convened workshops to help faculty establish connections to industry and develop applications for funding.

Collaborations have gone from small NSERC 'Engage' projects, to larger Collaborative R&D Grants in partnership with SME's to joint projects with large MNE's. The 'Open Innovation' concept provides a means for companies to access key knowledge and innovation via a strong partnership with a university. 

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