NanoIsrael and Haifa-Technion - UW/WIN Collaboration

In November 2010, four WIN members visited Israel as part of a NanoOntario delegation. Marc Aucoin, Frank Gu, Michael Tam and Alain Francq (Managing Director of WIN) participated in the NanoIsrael conference and visited four top nanotechnology institutes as part of WIN’s mandate for international collaboration. The WIN delegation then travelled to Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to visit the county’s top nanotechnology institutes.

The overall objectives of the visit were to establish key relationships with the institute’s director, to understand their programs and to develop research partnerships.  To these ends, three formal collaborative projects between individual researchers and one institute-to-institute exchange program were defined as a result of the trip:

Project 1: Gu-BiolineRX

A joint academic-industry collaboration was established between Frank Gu’s Nano-Medicine Lab and the Israeli drug development company, BiolineRX. A project was defined to improve the therapeutic index of candidate drugs using an improved nanoparticle formulation.

Project 2: Spider-Silk Production

Marc Aucoin and Professor Gat planned a collaborative project investigating bioprocessing conditions that affect nano-fiber formation/stability in insect cells. Working towards protein modifications to facilitate protein synthesis in composite materials would allow its use for pharma/industrial applications.

Project 3: Ink Jet Printing with Nanocrystalline Cellulose

Michael Tam (WIN) is exploring a project on barcode printing using nanocrystalline cellulose with Shlomo Magdassi (HUJ). The nanocrystalline cellulose will be supplied by FP Innovations (Canada).

WIN-Weizmann Student Exchange Program

The Weizmann Institute has agreed to hire interns from Waterloo’s nanotechnology engineering program, and UW is working to set up the reciprocal program in order to receive students from Israel.

A joint conference was held in Haifa Israel in March 2014, where an agreement was signed between the University of Waterloo and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.  This event brought together some of the top minds in quantum information science, nanotechnology and water for pure and applied research.

WIN members in attendance:  

  • Jonathan Baugh, Faculty (WIN/IQC)
  • Adrian Lupascu, Faculty  (WIN/IQC)
  • Carolyn Ren, Associate Professor (WIN)
  • Zbigniew Wasilewski, Professor, WIN Endowed Chair

The workshop was also attended by Dr. Raymond Laflamme, Faculty, Executive Director, Canada Research Chair (Institute for Quantum Computing).

The new partnership agreement will connect students and faculty from both institutions with global markets through technology transfer and commercialization opportunities with industrial partners in Canada and in Israel.

A call for proposals for the Haifa-Technion-UW Research Award valued at $30,000 CAD for research and mobility was announced in May 2014.  Nine WIN members applied for this award, including Pu Chen, Mariana Foldvari, Frank Gu, Holger Kleinke, Adrian Lupascu, Hamed Majedi, Derek Schipper, Michael Tam, and Norman Zhou. 

A reciprocal workshop in Nanotechnology to be held at the University of Waterloo is planned for 2015.

Chronology of Events

Dr. Walter Stewat speaking about nanotechnology in Canada

NanoIsrael Conference in Israel, November 2010
View photos from the conference

Waterloo and Technion representatives signing research partnership

Dr George Dixon, Vice President Research of UW, President Feridun Hamdullahpur, President of UW, and Peretz Lavie, President and Vice President of Research of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology signed a research partnership in March 2014
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