Fostering a Partnership with a Global Leader in Nanoscience and Technology

Taiwan represents a significant and strategic opportunity for WIN in realizing its ambition of becoming a global centre of excellence in Nanotechnology.  Taiwan is considered a global powerhouse in this area; over two decades ago, the government of Taiwan identified Nanotechnology as a top S&T priority, and has invested heavily in tools and infrastructure (such as the National Nanodevices Laboratory) in the nation’s top universities, Academia Sinica, and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).  

The relationships between Taiwan institutions and WIN in nanotechnology were launched in 2010, with the signing of five collaborative agreements between WIN and National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University and Academia Sinica, (arguably the top five research institutions in Taiwan).  

The top academic institutions in Taiwan have benefitted from these investments and have built up strong programs in fundamental nanoscience, advanced materials and nanodevices which can compete with the best in the world.

Workshops and Partnership-Building Activities

  • A successful workshop at Waterloo in April 2011, stimulated great interest in research collaboration and kick-started seven joint projects
  • A delegation from Taiwan’s National Program in Nanotechnology visited WIN in July 2012 for a workshop at UW, which included presentations from NPNT and WIN researchers, as well as officials from UW and government.
  • A workshop in Hualien, Taiwan in December 2012 (the reciprocal of that held in Waterloo in April 2011) was held to develop focused collaborative projects and foster new relationships in areas of common strength and global interest.  Four additional joint research projects have commenced as a result of this workshop.
  • A delegation from National Chiao Tung University visited WIN to advance research collaboration and the joint educational program in April 2014.
  • The most recent WIN-Taiwan workshop was held at UW in August 2015, with a delegation of 10 esteemed researchers from Taiwan led by Professor Chung-Yuan Mou of NTU and (former) Deputy Minister of the National Science Council (NSC) for Taiwan. Over 25 UW and Canadian researchers from the University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, McMaster University and the University of Guelph were also in attendance for technical talks and presentations, and networking opportunities.

Educational Programs

  • In Fall 2016, the Memoranda of Understanding for Dual Doctorate (Co-tutelle) Programs was finalized between NCTU and UW, with the program open for applications.

Chronology of Events

NPNT Delegation

2nd WIN-NPNT Workshop at the University of Waterloo in July 2012.
View photos from the workshop

Dr Arthur Carty giving a tour of the Quantum Nano Centre to the Taiwanese delegation

NCTU delegation visited WIN and QNC in April 2014. Above, WIN Executive Director Arthur Carty gave a tour of the QNC to the delegation.

A group of Taiwanese and Waterloo delegation

WIN-Taiwan Nanotechnology workshop at Waterloo in August 2015.