Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Who can be listed as the lead PI?

A: WIN Members are to be listed as the lead PIs.

Q: Who can be a co-PI?

A: The co-PI must have a full-time faculty position at UW whose primary appointment is in neither the Faculty of Engineering nor the Faculty of Science

Q: What if my co-PI is cross-appointed to a department either of the Faculties of Engineering or Science?

A: A co-PI is eligible if cross-appointed to a department within Engineering and/or Science, but primary appointment is not (ie: home faculty in Applied Health Studies, cross-appointed to Biology).

Q: What about a co-PI in the Schools of Optometry or Pharmacy?

A: Faculty members at the Schools of Optometry or Pharmacy are within the Faculty of Science and are ineligible to act as co-PI.

Q: How many co-PIs can be listed?

A: Only one co-PI per application; several collaborating PIs can be listed in the proposal.

Q: What are the eligible uses for the funds?

A: WIN-IRFP follows Tri-Council/NSERC guidelines for Use of Funds: NSERC Use of Funds Guidelines

Q: Will the program run next year as well? If so, for how many years?

A: The initial plan is for the program to run for five years. There will be a mid-term review after three years.  

Q: If awarded, does the $100k need to be all spent in 1 year? Or can it be carried over for the next year (with reporting for 1st year)?

A: Any unspent amount will be returned to WIN. Carry over of unspent amount is not allowed.

Q: On the WIN-IRFP cover sheet, it says to list all cash/in-kind contributions from partners. Is the award contingent on matching funds? If so, is it 50:50?

A: This is not a requirement.

Q: Who can be listed as a partner?

A: Partners refer to industry and NGOs.

Q: Are explanations of the in-kind or cash contributions from partners to be included in the 5-pages maximum limit? Or can they be added in an Appendix?

A: Any in-kind or cash contributions from partners need to included within 5 page. No Appendix (additional pages) will be reviewed by the committee.

Q: How are the funds to be split between the collaborators?

A: At the discretion of partners; budget and cost-sharing structures are to be outlined in proposal.

Q: When is the start of the one-year funding period?

A: Start and end date is the UW financial year.

Q: Is WIN the only affiliation to include on the Office of Research cover sheet (or to add other departments/institutes as well)?

A: WIN can be the only affiliation OR you can choose to add another department or institute.

Q: Are signatures from other faculty Deans required on cover sheet?

A: YES, for OR Cover Sheet it is needed. And signatures relevant to co-PI’s home Department and Faculty.