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 Who: Alumni who graduated from an undergraduate program in 2020

What: Participate in the 2020 Ontario University Graduate Survey (OUGS)

When: November 7, 2022 - March 31, 2023

Why: Help current and future students by providing them with information regarding the employment prospects of recent university graduates!


Here's how to participate:

email iconStep 1: Check your @uwaterloo.ca or personal e-mail beginning November 7, 2022 for an invitation from CCI Research Inc. (invite@e.cci-survey.ca)

 finger click iconStep 2: Click the survey link to participate. It takes less than 6 minutes to complete.

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Submit your completed survey and get: $5 giftcard emailed to you by CCI Research Inc. from one of these vendors: Amazon.ca®, !ndigo.ca, and Starbucks® (registered trademarks).

See the full Official Incentive Rules below for more details. 


Quick Facts


  • FTE (Full-time equivalent) Enrolment (2021/22): 38,166

  • International Mix (2021/22):

    • Graduate: 40%

    • Undergraduate: 21%

  • Degrees Granted (2021): 9,430

Co-operative Education

  • Co-op work terms (2021/22): 24,045

Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty Members (2021): 1,352
  • Number of Staff (2021): 2,691


  • Tri-Agency Research Awards 2021/22): $98.3M
  • Total Sponsored Research Awards (2021/22): $231.2M


  • $39.5M raised (2021/22)

Source: Performance Indicators

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