Ontario's universities (through the Council of Ontario Universities) have collaborated to produce a common set of data to assist the public in assessing and comparing key areas.

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E. Student Life

  1. Geographic origin of first year Students
  2. Students living on campus
  3. Activities offered
  4. Housing

F. Student Experience Information

  1. Results from National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 2008 survey
  2. Results from the Canadian Graduate Professional Student Survey (CGPSS) 2010 Survey

G. Annual Student Expenses

  1. Tuition, ancillary fees, room & board, and other expenses
  2. First year tuition and ancillary fees by program

H. Instructional Faculty and Class Size

  1. Number of instructional faculty members
  2. Undergraduate class size by year level

I. University Revenue and Expenses

  1. Revenue for the Fiscal Year Ended
  2. Expenses for the Fiscal Year Ended

J. Research Awards

  1. Research awards by Granting Council

K. Other Useful Information

  1. Academic plans
  2. Key performance indicators
  3. Key performance indicators (Graduation Rate)
  4. Retention Rate

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Quick Facts


  • FTE (Full-time equivalent) Enrolment (2020/21): 39,430

  • International Mix (2020/21):

    • Graduate: 37%

    • Undergraduate: 22%

  • Degrees Granted (2021): 9,430

Co-operative Education

  • Co-op work terms (2020/21): 19,886

Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty Members (2020): 1,355
  • Number of Staff (2020): 2,627


  • Tri-Agency Research Awards 2020/21): $113.8M
  • Total Sponsored Research Awards (2020/21): $245.2M


  • $33.6M raised (2020/21)

Source: Performance Indicators

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