Count: 268

Building Id (unique for each)Building Code (may be shared by related buildings)Building NameCoordinates (with map link)
1DWEDouglas Wright Engineering Building43.47007105,-80.53970638
2E2Engineering 243.47104345,-80.54041224
3E3Engineering 343.4717442,-80.54086285
5MLModern Languages43.46909688,-80.54287987
6ESCEarth Sciences & Chemistry43.47134906,-80.54270285
7B1Biology 143.4707354,-80.54298461
8LIBDana Porter Arts Library43.46984437,-80.54242926
9ALArts Lecture Hall43.46894115,-80.54187136
10EV1Environment 143.4683961,-80.54262238
11RCHJ.R. Coutts Engineering Lecture Hall43.47031155,-80.54084139
12CSBCentral Services Building43.4737628,-80.54378898
13B2Biology 243.4708179,-80.54372874
14GSCGeneral Services Complex43.47342207,-80.54308372
16SCHSouth Campus Hall43.4692188,-80.54021338
17MCMathematics & Computer Building43.47207511,-80.54394739
18PACPhysical Activities Complex43.47242353,-80.54613339
19SLCStudent Life Centre43.471601,-80.545455
20V1Student Village 1
20CCV1CStudent Village 1 Central Complex43.4716,-80.54996
20E1VE1Student Village 1 House East 143.471745,-80.549317
20E2VE2Student Village 1 House East 243.471821,-80.549017
20E3VE3Student Village 1 House East 343.47176,-80.548612
20E4VE4Student Village 1 House East 443.471568,-80.548526
20E5VE5Student Village 1 House East 543.471499,-80.548917
20E6VE6Student Village 1 House East 643.471443,-80.549304
20N1VN1Student Village 1 House North 143.47209,-80.55003
20N2VN2Student Village 1 House North 243.472284,-80.55023
20N3VN3Student Village 1 House North 343.47242,-80.54994
20N4VN4Student Village 1 House North 443.4725,-80.5496
20N5VN5Student Village 1 House North 543.47224,-80.54931
20N6VN6Student Village 1 House North 643.47205,-80.54956
20S1VS1Student Village 1 House South 143.471112,-80.549937
20S2VS2Student Village 1 House South 243.470865,-80.549891
20S3VS3Student Village 1 House South 343.470715,-80.550178
20S4VS4Student Village 1 House South 443.470614,-80.550481
20S5VS5Student Village 1 House South 543.470904,-80.550733
20S6VS6Student Village 1 House South 643.471087,-80.550478
20S7VS7Student Village 1 House South 743.47073,-80.55131
20S8VS8Student Village 1 House South 843.470919,-80.551554
20W1VW1Student Village 1 House West 143.471513,-80.550677
20W2VW2Student Village 1 House West 243.471457,-80.551063
20W3VW3Student Village 1 House West 343.471725,-80.551431
20W4VW4Student Village 1 House West 443.471902,-80.551192
20W5VW5Student Village 1 House West 543.472031,-80.550897
20W6VW6Student Village 1 House West 643.47183,-80.550647
21THTutors' Houses43.470546,-80.552748
22HSHealth Services43.47058601,-80.54611194
23MHRMinota Hagey Residence43.46579535,-80.54275113
24HHJ.G. Hagey Hall of the Humanities43.46792891,-80.54165679
25REVRon Eydt Village
25CCRECRon Eydt Village Central Complex43.47015582,-80.55412369
25EVERon Eydt Village East
25EAVEARon Eydt Village East A43.469348,-80.553464
25EBVEBRon Eydt Village East B43.469348,-80.553464
25ECVECRon Eydt Village East C43.469547,-80.552989
25EDVEDRon Eydt Village East D43.469547,-80.552989
25EEVEERon Eydt Village East E43.469547,-80.552989
25ELVELRon Eydt Village East L
25NVNRon Eydt Village North
25NAVNARon Eydt Village North A43.470777,-80.554
25NBVNBRon Eydt Village North B43.470777,-80.554
25NCVNCRon Eydt Village North C43.470526,-80.553539
25NDVNDRon Eydt Village North D43.470526,-80.553539
25NEVNERon Eydt Village North E43.470526,-80.553539
25NLVNLRon Eydt Village North L
25SVSRon Eydt Village South
25SAVSARon Eydt Village South A43.469385,-80.554086
25SBVSBRon Eydt Village South B43.469385,-80.554086
25SCVSCRon Eydt Village South C43.469679,-80.554716
25SDVSDRon Eydt Village South D43.469679,-80.554716
25SEVSERon Eydt Village South E43.469679,-80.554716
25SLVSLRon Eydt Village South L
25WVWRon Eydt Village West
25WAVWARon Eydt Village West A43.470806,-80.554609
25WBVWBRon Eydt Village West B43.470806,-80.554609
25WCVWCRon Eydt Village West C43.470579,-80.555062
25WDVWDRon Eydt Village West D43.470579,-80.555062
25WEVWERon Eydt Village West E43.470579,-80.555062
25WLVWLRon Eydt Village West L
26UWPUniversity of Waterloo Place
26CCUCCUW Place Community Centre43.4704,-80.53553
26ECUECUW Place Woolwich Court43.47064,-80.53354
26ETUETUW Place Beck Hall43.470573,-80.534699
26NCUNCUW Place Wellesley Court43.47155,-80.53564
26SCUSCUW Place Waterloo Court43.47007,-80.53492
26WCUWCUW Place Wilmot Court43.47111,-80.53666
26WTUWTUW Place Eby Hall43.47067,-80.53512
27UCUniversity Club43.472334,-80.547378
28C2Chemistry 243.4720703,-80.54290487
29CPHCarl A. Pollock Hall43.47095002,-80.53933936
30PASPsychology, Anthropology, Sociology43.46726305,-80.54246097
31NHIra G. Needles Hall43.46962635,-80.54363089
32BMHB.C. Matthews Hall43.47386586,-80.54517584
34EV2Environment 243.46786,-80.54324
35FEDFederation Hall43.47324689,-80.54864126
36ECHEast Campus Hall43.47366343,-80.53864735
37DCWilliam G. Davis Computer Research Centre43.472761,-80.542164
39EITCentre for Environmental and Information Technology43.47149504,-80.54206448
40BAUBauer Warehouse43.483354,-80.545715
41COGColumbia Greenhouses43.473218,-80.559405
42CIFColumbia Icefield43.47535682,-80.54852324
43CLVColumbia Lake Village
43ACTAColumbia Lake Village South Block A43.470456,-80.5597
43BCTBColumbia Lake Village South Block B43.470754,-80.560116
43CCTCColumbia Lake Village South Block C43.47088,-80.559638
43DCTDColumbia Lake Village South Block D43.470071,-80.560934
43ECTEColumbia Lake Village South Block E43.470384,-80.561398
43FCTFColumbia Lake Village South Block F43.470705,-80.561178
43GCTGColumbia Lake Village South Block G43.4704,-80.560832
43HCTHColumbia Lake Village South Block H43.46974,-80.561942
43JCTJColumbia Lake Village South Block J43.470201,-80.562586
43KCTKColumbia Lake Village South Block K43.470152,-80.562114
43LCTLColumbia Lake Village South Block L43.469175,-80.563248
43MCTMColumbia Lake Village South Block M43.469331,-80.56371
43NCTNColumbia Lake Village South Block N43.469598,-80.563256
43PCTPColumbia Lake Village South Block P
43QCTQColumbia Lake Village South Laundry43.4708188,-80.5625084
44MKVWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King Village43.471509,-80.552729
44AMKVWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King Village
44EMKEWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King Village East43.47132,-80.551983
44WMKWWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King Village West43.471161,-80.553056
45TCWilliam M. Tatham Centre for Co-operative Education & Career Action43.46904735,-80.5412835
47ARCSchool of Architecture43.358572,-80.31692
48ERCEnergy Research Centre43.4736245,-80.54447847
50QNCMike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre43.4712484,-80.54419245
51RACResearch Advancement Centre43.47884,-80.55498
52IHBIntegrated Health Building43.452311,-80.499208
53E5Engineering 543.472953,-80.540085
54STCScience Teaching Complex43.47064,-80.54338
55DMSDigital Media Stratford43.36783,-80.9821
56M3Mathematics 343.47320425,-80.54404983
57EV3Environment 343.468159,-80.543376
58RA2Research Advancement Centre 243.47863,-80.55553
59ARTArts Building
60E6Engineering 643.47295805,-80.53868181
61TJBToby Jenkins Applied Health Research Building
62EC1East Campus 143.47612645,-80.54004246
63EC2East Campus 243.47456525,-80.54134834
64EC3East Campus 343.47563655,-80.54219408
65EC4East Campus 4
66EC5East Campus 5
67E7Engineering 743.47293,-80.53958
68CMHClaudette Millar Hall43.4702626,-80.53592688
69ST2Science Teaching 2
85TUNService Tunnels
87GSTGround Storage Building V2
88KKSKiosks 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
89EVElectrical Vault
90MVMechanical Vault
93POVPedestrian Overpass
94PTPedestrian Tunnels
95TENTennis Courts
100SGRSchmidt Greenhouse
104GHGraduate House43.46973295,-80.54091806
106DBDearborn Pumphouse
112BRHBrubacher House43.475571,-80.552348
124BEGBEG Test Building
128TULTri-University Library
129ABAberfoyle Building
130AHAberfoyle House
131ASAberfoyle Storage
132GA335 Gage Avenue43.44585,-80.5184
134KGCKW Garden Club
135FRFFire Research Facility
136PTBPavement & Transportation Technology Building
137PTGPavement & Transportation Technology Garage
138VSVictoria School
139VSS68 Victoria Street South
140AARArchitecture Annex Rome41.889615,12.470925
144ACWAccelerator Centre Waterloo43.47738445,-80.5490991
145WFWarrior Field43.4747,-80.55014
146MRSMedical & Related Sciences
148SCOShanghai China Office
149KSW195 King Street West
150HSCHuntsville Summit Centre45.32211,-79.20695
153BSCBright Starts Co-operative Early Learning Centre
155ASAAllen Square Arts
156CIGICentre for International Governance Innovation (BSIA)
158VGVelocity Garage
159GSK44 Gaukel Street, Kitchener43.449945,-80.4933625
160WCPWaterloo Central Place
161MWSManulife Water Street43.450469,-80.494966
162MTTMaster of Taxation Toronto
163CSA55 Caroline St. Apartments
164PGC166 Pinegrove Cres., Waterloo
165TEC220 Yonge Street, Suite 115, Toronto
166STMShelburne Terrace, Gaithersburg, Maryland
167LHILyle S. Hallman Institute for Health Promotion43.473256,-80.546066
800STJSt. Jerome's University
801STJ-SWSt. Jerome's University Sweeney Hall43.46926818,-80.54588395
802STJ-SWASt. Jerome's University Sweeney Hall Addition43.46926818,-80.54588395
811STJ-FRSt. Jerome's University Finn Residence43.46926818,-80.54588395
812STJ-LHSt. Jerome's University Louis Hall43.46926818,-80.54588395
813STJ-CBSt. Jerome's University Classroom Building43.46926818,-80.54588395
814STJ-ACSt. Jerome's University Academic Centre43.46926818,-80.54588395
815STJ-RCSt. Jerome's University Residence Complex
820RENRenison University College
821REN-OBRenison University College Original Building43.46881657,-80.54762202
822RENRenison University College Addition43.46881657,-80.54762202
823RENRenison University College Addition 2 - Chapel43.46881657,-80.54762202
824RENRenison University College Addition 3 - Link43.46881657,-80.54762202
825RENRenison University College Addition 4 - Academic Centre43.46881657,-80.54762202
830STPSt. Paul's University College
831STP-ADMINSt. Paul's United College Main Building43.467762,-80.546404
832STP-WWSt. Paul's United College West Wing43.467762,-80.546404
833STP-EWSt. Paul's United College East Wing43.467762,-80.546404
834STP-GRADSt. Paul's United College Graduate Apartment43.467762,-80.546404
835STP-NWSt. Paul's United College North Wing43.467762,-80.546404
840CGRConrad Grebel University College43.46656,-80.54525
841CGRConrad Grebel University College Residence43.46666747,-80.54541188
842CGRConrad Grebel University College Administration Building43.46666747,-80.54541188
843CGRConrad Grebel University College Residence Addition43.46666747,-80.54541188
844CGRConrad Grebel University College Administration Addition43.46666747,-80.54541188
845CGRConrad Grebel University College Apartments43.46666747,-80.54541188
4600CLNColumbia Lake Village North
4601L01Columbia Lake Village North Block 143.473547,-80.562819
4602L02Columbia Lake Village North Block 243.473173,-80.562532
4603L03Columbia Lake Village North Block 343.472739,-80.562125
4604L04Columbia Lake Village North Block 443.472426,-80.561728
4605L05Columbia Lake Village North Block 543.472194,-80.561368
4606L06Columbia Lake Village North Block 643.471896,-80.561191
4607L07Columbia Lake Village North Block 743.471723,-80.561706
4608L08Columbia Lake Village North Block 843.471536,-80.562194
4609L09Columbia Lake Village North Block 943.471895,-80.562642
4610L10Columbia Lake Village North Block 1043.472243,-80.562618
4611L11Columbia Lake Village North Block 1143.472568,-80.562495
4612L12Columbia Lake Village North Block 1243.472251,-80.56213
4613L13Columbia Lake Village North Block 1343.472885,-80.562699
4614L14Columbia Lake Village North Block 1443.472447,-80.562964
4615L15Columbia Lake Village North Block 1543.472148,-80.563334
4616L16Columbia Lake Village North Block 1643.472081,-80.56405
4617L17Columbia Lake Village North Block 1743.472451,-80.56364
4618L18Columbia Lake Village North Block 1843.472652,-80.563315
4619L19Columbia Lake Village North Block 1943.473284,-80.563176
4620L20Columbia Lake Village North Block 2043.473,-80.56349
4621L21Columbia Lake Village North Block 2143.472673,-80.563852
4622L22Columbia Lake Village North Block 2243.472356,-80.564235
4623L23Columbia Lake Village North Block 2343.471898,-80.564713
4624L24Columbia Lake Village North Block 2443.471659,-80.565011
4625L25Columbia Lake Village North Block 2543.471377,-80.565327
4626L26Columbia Lake Village North Block 2643.471194,-80.564995
4627L27Columbia Lake Village North Block 2743.471153,-80.564517
4628L28Columbia Lake Village North Block 2843.471268,-80.56405
4629L29Columbia Lake Village North Block 2943.471359,-80.563578
4630L30Columbia Lake Village North Block 3043.471414,-80.562943
4631L31Columbia Lake Village North Block 3143.471719,-80.562948
4632L32Columbia Lake Village North Block 3243.471793,-80.56345
4633L33Columbia Lake Village North Block 3343.471606,-80.563895
4634L34Columbia Lake Village North Block 3443.471439,-80.564705
4635L35Columbia Lake Village North Block 3543.47185,-80.564235
ASCSSouth Campus - South Grounds
AHSXAHSAHS Expansion43.47361,-80.54624
BSCNSouth Campus - North Grounds
CGBCGBCampus General Buildings
DVLGVillage 1 & 2 Grounds
EMHGMinota Hagey Grounds
FFCGFaculty Club Grounds
GGAGGarage & Garbage
HMSGMarried Student Grounds
KNCGNorth Campus Grounds
LBAGBauer Grounds
MLLLaurel Lake
SCGSCGSouth Campus General

Quick Facts


  • FTE (Full-time equivalent) Enrolment (2019/20): 36,633

  • International Mix (2019/20):

    • Graduate: 40%

    • Undergraduate: 22%

  • Degrees Granted (2019): 8,691

Co-operative Education

  • Co-op work terms (2019/20): 22,443

Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty Members (2019 preliminary): 1,350
  • Number of Staff (2019): 2,596


  • Tri-Agency Research Awards (2019/20): $99.5M
  • Total Sponsored Research Awards (2019/20): $247.7M


  • $46.0M raised (2019/20)

Source: Performance Indicators

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