Winter 2021 Instructors Survey

About the Survey

The Winter 2021 Instructors Survey is conducted by the Associate Provost, Academic office to understand the teaching and overall experience with remote and online instruction during the winter 2021 term. This will inform our approach to remote teaching. Survey questions seek to understand primarily:

  • experience with remote and online teaching in winter 2021;
  • teaching methods (synchronous, asynchronous, mix), course activities, and technology used to support instruction; and
  • awareness of supports available for remote and online teaching

Target population: All University of Waterloo instructors teaching during the winter 2021 term

When: Survey is available from February 22 to March 12, 2021 (extended timeline). It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete in one sitting.

Why: Your feedback will help the Keep Learning team understand course delivery approaches, challenges and successes. Your input will help determine how to adjust the support offered and to inform planning for upcoming terms.

Survey results: Survey results will be used to evaluate and improve the institution's approach to teaching supports. Faculty and institutional-level reports will be prepared for the Keep Learning team. Participants interested in receiving the results of the survey should send an email to

Contacts: For more information about the survey, visit the link below. For general survey inquiries, please contact

Please note that this is an authenticated site. You will need to log in with your WatIam credentials to access the survey. However, your login will not be linked to your survey responses. The survey is anonymous.