Monday, September 16, 2019

Transition from International Optometric Bridging Program (IOBP) to Waterloo School of Optometry & Vision Science (WOVS) Advanced Standing Program

The International Optometric Bridging Program (IOBP) project at the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry and Vision (WOVS) funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities has provided a pathway for internationally-trained optometric graduates (IOGs) to practice optometry in Canada for the past 14 years. Based on the success of this program we will be transitioning this program to a self-sustaining model.

Monday, August 26, 2019

2020 Program Announcement

The 2020 International Optometric Bridging Program (IOBP) will begin on Monday January 27th and tuition is set at $50,998.

Offers of admission are anticipated to be sent out by late October, 2019.  Admission for the IOBP is based on the Internationally Graduated Optometrist Evaluating Exam (IGOEE) scores that are placed in rank order. Meeting the minimum eligibility threshold on the IGOEE does not guarantee an offer of admission to the IOBP.

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