Internationalization Fund Recipient Announcement

Waterloo has always been a place that generates and fosters great ideas and innovation, so when the university announced an Internationalization Fund to support new internationalization initiatives it was no surprise that the response was immediate and strong. The Fund was established by the Provost to support innovative new projects that would infuse international, intercultural and/or global perspectives into the curriculum or co-curricular activities.

 “This fund is such an excellent opportunity for staff to promote internationalization on campus –  it gives staff a chance to dream up an idea, test it out, and get it off the ground within a year.” – Angela Rooke

“Creating an experiential learning abroad toolkit was a dream that had been shelved due to competing priorities. Without having attained the Internationalization Fund grant, this project would be a dream sitting on the sides of our desks for a rainy day. Chances are, we wouldn’t have made any traction on it for a very long time.” – Jessica Lang

The funding announcement received 22 submissions from across campus and Waterloo International is pleased to announce the recipients of funding through the Internationalization Fund.  The selected projects represent a mix of initiatives which address internationalization abroad, at home and within research collaborations.  They include a focus on undergraduate and graduate students, issues related to both inbound international students and outbound travel by Waterloo students, and both curricular and co-curricular innovation.

 “The Seminars will provide a sustainable system where international students regularly engage in professional development activities to form a sense of community and a sense of belonging. With the seminars, we can combine resources to reach out and work together to provide a sense of “home” to our international students.” – Linda Zhang

“The connection between the West (UW) and East (Kazakhstan) will allow students to gain a first-hand understanding of how globalization and local context may impact implementation of practices related to community engagement, public health, and recreation. This project will significantly impact the internationalization of Waterloo's students because they will receive firsthand exposure to perspectives beyond their text books, case studies, professors and engage with faculty in completely different contexts, some outside of their own discipline.” – Karla Boluk

These projects will be implemented during the 2018/19 academic calendar with their outcomes and results summarized in final reports that will serve as resources and templates for institutional learning and potential future project iterations.

The recipients are: [details]

Janice Aurini & Kate Henne
Sociology & Legal Studies
Transnational Talks: Global Methodological Approaches to Research

Karla Boluk & Elena Neiterman
Recreation & Leisure Studies
Building Bridges across Borders: Virtually Aligning Courses between Institutional Partners (Kazakhstan)

Colleen McMillan & Grant Leach
Renison University College
Enhancing Student Experience: Domestic & International Student Integration 

Erin Smith & Ben McDonald
International Experiential Education Toolkit for EDGE instructors

Ellen MacEachen
Public Health & Health Studies
​Collaborative Online Graduate-level Course “International Perspectives on Equality in Work and Health” (Sweden)

Cherisse Mike
Dean of Math Office
Videos Addressing Cultural Stereotypes of Minority Groups on Campus

Angela Rooke
Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Affairs
Workshop Series on Professionalism for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Linda Zhang
Information Systems & Technology
International Student Seminars to Promote Successful and Healthy Transition to Waterloo

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Internationalization Fund recipientsTony Munro, Colleen McMillan, Jessica Lang, Angela Rooke, Karla Boluk, and Linda Zhang.

The Internationalization Fund allows individuals and groups across campus to establish exemplary internationalization projects that will help the University community move ‘beyond ideas’, catalyze latent interest, and generate new actions. 

This one-time Fund totals $100,000. 

The Global Prominence and Internationalization theme of the University of Waterloo's Strategic Plan strives to support the implementation of projects that will ensure Waterloo is “recognized internationally for excellence and innovation in education, research and scholarship, and will educate globally literate and world-ready graduates.” 

JUNE 4, 2018

The campus-wide response to the Internationalization Fund exceeded our expectations, resulting in requests, in total, amounting to more than twice the total amount of resources available within the Fund.  The applications came from a broad spectrum of University of Waterloo community members representing staff, students, and faculty.  They offered linkages with partners and programs from around the world which conceptualize and materialize the value and impact of international, intercultural and global perspectives into University of Waterloo activities.

This demonstrated interest in campus internationalization reinforces the emphasis placed on global prominence and internationalization within the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan.  The Selection Committee is in the process of finalizing approval decisions and will then work with successful applicants to confirm terms for project completion and the dispersal of the funds.  Once these arrangements have been finalized we will have more news regarding the specific projects that have received funding.