Message from the interim assistant vice-president of international operations Christine McWebb, PhD

Christine McWebb

I am delighted to join the leadership team at Waterloo International and look forward to engaging with the University of Waterloo’s internationalization initiatives. With an overarching goal of becoming one of the most internationalized universities in Canada, I am honoured to lend my expertise towards furthering Waterloo’s strong international outlook and vibrant international engagement.

Waterloo International supports connections with the University community and an ever-increasing globalized world, through internationalization on campus and abroad, as well as through international partnerships.

As Waterloo’s interim assistant vice-president of international operations, my core responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of institutional supports and operational processes that will enable international activities
  • Oversight of operations of the Waterloo International office
  • Stewardship of international agreements that benefit students, staff, and faculty with research, learning, and experiential opportunities
  • Oversight of safety and security policies, processes and procedures for University travellers
  • Initiating dialogue to establish linkages between multiple stakeholders
  • Fostering global experiential learning outcomes for students, staff, and faculty

I am enthusiastic about working with the talented team at Waterloo International, as we continue to act as a resource for faculties, departments and the broader University community.