Waterloo International Strategic Plan

A truly global institution

Broad impact requires broad understanding and outlook. As a university committed to improving the world and educating graduates ready to lead in a global economy, Waterloo maintains an enviable and expanding network of international research and industry partnerships, alumni connections, learning opportunities, work placements, and field programs. Research and learning are enhanced by contributions from top international students and faculty who offer the diversity of experience and insight vital to the pursuit of knowledge and discovery. Waterloo is a place the world turns to for answers to its most pressing questions. 

Between 2013 - 2018, Waterloo will become one of the most internationalized universities in Canada. We will educate globally literate and world ready graduates by offering opportunities for international exchanges, service learning, field programs and co-op engagement. Waterloo will embrace global viewpoints and experience, attracting a diverse and growing group of the best and brightest international students and faculty to its campuses. The university will be recognized internationally for excellence and innovation in education, research and scholarship.

Beyond Innovation

In November 2016, the University of Waterloo published Beyond Innovation, the 2016-17 State of the University Report.

The report highlights the University's progress in the areas of co-operative education, innovation, research, entrepreneurship, building community and other areas of recent and ongoing achievement. The report includes the University's plan towards achieving the goals in the strategic plan.

Waterloo International brochure.