Complete the Required Forms

As part of your pre-travel safety preparation, you are required to complete and submit the International Mobility Program (Non co-op) Acknowledgement, Release, and Waiver.

If your work will involve "high risk fieldwork" you must also complete and submit the following additional forms:

·        Fieldwork Risk Management Form
·        Risk and Responsibility Form
·        Emergency Contact Form
·        Job Hazard Analysis Form

To assess if your activity is considered "high risk fieldwork", please review the safety office guidelines.

Please note that the International Mobility Program (Non co-op) Acknowledgement, Release, and Waiver form should be submitted after the Learn Pre-departure Orientation Module has been successfully completed. The Orientation Module will provide you with essential details that will assist you in completing this form.

You are required to read and check off each item on the form to indicate you understand and accept responsibility for your travel abroad.

When completed, submit the form to the Safety Abroad Team.