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Exchange and study abroad partner universities

The University of Waterloo's collaborative approach to internationalization has been formalized in over 100 student exchange and study abroad agreements with institutions world-wide. Below is a list of institutions with whom the University of Waterloo has signed agreements to facilitate student exchange and study abroad programs. The following legend illustrates whether these programs are open for undergraduate and/or graduate levels of study.

For a listing of additional international agreements, please visit Waterloo International.

Legend:  Undergraduate level of study (UG); Graduate level of study (G)

Australia National University (UG; G)
Bond University (UG; G)
Deakin University (UG; G)
Griffith University (UG)
Macquarie University (UG; G)
Monash University (UG; G)
Murdoch University (UG; G)
Queensland University of Technology (UG; G)
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (UG; G)
University of Queensland (UG; G)
University of Technology Sydney (UG; G)
University of Western Australia (UG; G)
University of Wollongong (UG; G)

University of Graz (UG; G)
Graz University of Technology (UG; G)
Vienna University of Technology (UG; G)

University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UG)

University of the West Indies (UG; G)

Pontificial Catholic University of Chile (UG)

Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) (UG)
City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) (UG)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) (UG; G)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) (UG)
Ontario/Jiangsu Exchange Program (OJS) (UG; G)
Hefei University of Technology (UG)
Lingnan University (Hong Kong) (UG)
National Taiwan University (Taiwan) (UG; G)
Soochow University (UG; G)
Southeast University (UG)
Tsinghua University (UG; G)
University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) (UG)
Zhejiang University (UG)

Czech Republic
Czech Technical University in Prague (UG; G)
Technical University of Liberec (UG; G)

Technical University of Denmark (UG)
University of Copenhagen (UG; G)
University of Southern Denmark (UG)

Tallinn University of Technology (UG; G)

CANEU CO-OP (Transatlantic Exchange Partnership) (UG)
European Consortia (UPD, FAU, UI, ENSL, UL) (G)

Tampere University of Technology (UG; G)
University of Helsinki (UG; G)
University of Oulu (UG; G)

CentraleSupélec (UG)
Ontario/Rhône-Alpes Exchange Program (UG; G)
MICEFA (Consortium of Universities in Paris) (UG; G)
Montpellier III, New Summer Program in Math (UG)
Paris Dauphine University (UG; G)
Troyes University of Technology (UG; G)
University of Bordeaux (UG Biobased Chemistry Specialization Only; G)
University of Nantes (UG French Studies Only; G)
University of Technology of Compiègne (UG; G)

Bonn International Center for Conversion (G)
Braunschweig University of Technology (UG; G)
Hamburg University of Technology (UG; G)
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (UG; G)
Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (UG)
Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Exchange Program (UG; G)
RWTH Aachen University (UG; G)
Technical University of Munich (UG; G)
University of Bamberg (UG; G)
University of Bremen (UG; G)
University of Jena (G)
University of Konstanz (G)
University of Mannheim (UG; G)
University of Stuttgart (UG; G)

University of Iceland (UG; G)

IIT Delhi (UG)

Trinity College Dublin (UG; G)

Hebrew University of Jerusalem (UG)
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (UG)

Polytechnic University of Milan (UG)

Akita International University (UG)
Kyoto University (UG; G)
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (UG)
Tohoku University (UG; G)
Tokyo Institute of Technology (UG; G)
Tottori University (UG; G)

Delft University of Technology (UG; G)
Erasmus University Rotterdam (UG)
Hogeschool Zeeland University of Applied Sciences (UG)
Tilburg University (UG; G)

New Zealand
University of Canterbury (UG; G)

Norwegian University of Science & Technology (UG; G)
University of Bergen (UG; G)
University of Oslo (UG; G)

West University of Timisoara (UG; G)

Nanyang Technological University (UG)
National University of Singapore (UG; G)
Singapore University of Technology & Design (UG; G)

South Korea
EWHA Womans University (UG; G)
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (UG; G)
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) (UG; G)
Seoul National University (UG; G)
Yonsei University (UG)

Charles III University of Madrid (UG)
Polytechnic University of Valencia (UG; G)
University of Navarra (UG; G)

Chalmers University of Technology (UG; G)
Malmo University (UG; G)
University of Lund (UG)

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (UG)
ETH Zurich (UG)
University of Lausanne (UG; G)

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT) Thammasat University (UG)

Bilkent University (UG; G)
Isik University (UG; G)
Istanbul Technical University (UG; G)
Kadir Has University (UG; G)
Middle East Technical University (UG; G)
Ozyegin University (UG)
Yeditepe University (UG)

United Kingdom
Cass Business School, City University (England) (UG)
Heriot-Watt University (Scotland) (UG)
Swansea University (Wales) (UG; G)
University College London (England) (UG)
University of Birmingham (England) (UG)
University of Dundee (Scotland) (UG)
University of Exeter (England) (UG)
University of Lancaster (England) (UG)
University of Leeds (England) (UG; G)
University of Liverpool (UG)
University of Newcastle (England) (UG)
University of Sheffield (England) (UG)
University of Sussex (England) (UG)
University of Ulster (Northern Ireland) (UG)
University of Warwick (England) (UG)

United States
University of Florida (UG)