Staff spotlights

Are you a staff member who has travelled internationally for work? You can submit details and photos of your travels to our Communications Officer for a chance to be featured.

Adam Wlad

Adam Wlad.Adam is a information systems specialist for Information Systems & Technology's Enterprise Resource Planning group. As a Staff International Experience Fund recipient, Adam visited various universities in England and Scotland to further his knowledge of the student system software these schools have in common with Waterloo.

Christine Kampen Robinson

Christine Kampen Robinson.

Christine is a career advisor for graduate students in Co-operative Education & Career Action. Through the Staff International Experience Fund, Christine hopes to change the conversation regarding career-path options for PhD students at Waterloo by bringing back ideas, initiatives, and best practices from institutions in Germany.

Amanda McKenzie

Amanda McKenzie in India.Overseeing the Quality Assurance Office and Office of Academic Integrity has given Amanda McKenzie the opportunity to work with a variety of students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Her curiosity to learn more about how perceptions and standards of academic integrity and academic scholarship on a global perspective allowed her to travel to India through the Staff International Experience Fund (SIEF)

Kelly McManus

Kelly McManus in Australia.Kelly McManus, senior director of Community Relations & Events, travelled to Australia as part of the Staff International Experience Fund (SIEF). She visited various universities in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney to expand Waterloo's community relations from a regional level to an international level. While she was there, she met with new colleagues, advancement organizations, and Waterloo alumni.

Susan Grant

Susan Grant in Australia.Susan Grant, Assistant Director of Organizational & Human Development (OHD), received the Staff International Experience Fund (SIEF) to build on OHD's learning and development initiatives. Susan visited three schools in Australia to engage in collaborative work while promoting Waterloo's initiatives. 

Marina Ivanova

Marina IvanovaMarina Ivanova was working as the administrative co-ordinator in Arts Graduate Studies and Research when she was awarded the Staff International Experience Fund. Marina had the opportunity to visit eight institutions in the United States to learn about the different research graduate studies programs involving the combination of the Arts and STEM disciplines.

Jennifer Yuen

Jennifer Yuen in Turkey.Jennifer Yuen, a counsellor at the Counselling and Psychological Services department, visited three institutions in Turkey and Indonesia as part of the Staff International Experience Fund. With more than 61 per cent of students identifying as a visible minority at Waterloo, Jennifer often meets with students from diverse cultural backgrounds and continues to create an understanding of cultural issues specific to Muslim and Arabic students.

Tanya Andrew

European village by a riverTanya Andrew is cross-appointed in the Student Success Office and Counselling Services. As a Staff International Experience Fund recipient, her mandate was to learn about support learning that exists beyond the classroom.

Jana Carson

Koala in tree

Jana Carson, Manager of Evaluation & Accountability in Institutional Analysis, was one of the recipients of the first annual Staff International Experience Fund. The award gave her the opportunity to visit six institutions in Australia in 2015.

Geoff Malleck

Israel.Geoff Malleck led a student field trip to Israel for students in the International Trade Specialization. They immersed themselves in Jewish history, culture, business, and religion within the context of globalization and international trade.