It is the responsibility of all Waterloo members to ensure you have appropriate travel and health insurance in case of a medical emergency for the duration of your time abroad. Prior to travel, you should confirm with your insurance provider that you have insurance coverage for both the destination you are travelling to and the activities you are engaging in.

All full-time Waterloo students are automatically covered by the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA)/Graduate Student Association (GSA) Health & Dental Plan unless you have opted out of the plan at the start of the term. If you have opted out of the University's undergraduate or graduate health insurance plans, please ensure that you are covered under another plan, such as your parents, or that you purchase adequate travel insurance.

As of January 1, 2020, the Ontario government has changed the coverage of emergency out-of-country medical costs provided under OHIP. Individuals should review the ‘OHIP Out of Country Services’ program to learn what medical services are covered by OHIP outside of Ontario.

If you are an international student, you will need to confirm your insurance coverage (specifically travel insurance) through UHIP/WUSA/GSA Health & Dental Plan to ensure you have coverage for the duration of your trip.

Review the following information before you travel:

  • You can review the travel health benefits offered by the WUSA/GSA Health & Dental Plan
  • For medical emergencies, assistance while travelling, coverage details, and associated information, please call the WUSA & GSA Health and Dental Plan Service Centre at +1-866-369-8794 or visit the Health & Dental Plan office located in Health Services room 1006

Please be sure to obtain proof of coverage (insurer’s company name, policy number and emergency contact information and policy coverage details) directly from your insurer and keep that information on hand while you are traveling. Scan it and email it to yourself as well.

General details of coverage through the WUSA/GSA Health & Dental Plan or through UHIP Confirmation of coverage can only be obtained by you directly from your insurance provider. Your advisor or program coordinator, and Waterloo International cannot access this information.