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One goal of Waterloo International (WI) is to promote internationalization by providing support to individuals at the University of Waterloo who are in pursuit of organizing international activities both in person or in a virtual environment. This support may involve being proactive in recognizing opportunities that fulfill the goals of specific units in alignment with the University’s strategic plan, or reactively responding to inquiries from units about opportunities for collaboration with global strategic partners.

There are many ways to engage students, staff, faculty and other professionals in international activities, both inbound and outbound, in person or virtually, that encourage intercultural capacity building and deepen connections around the world. To encourage and support these connections and learning, WI has developed this toolkit as a resource for units or individuals on campus who have an idea or opportunity on which they wish to act in the realm of non-degree, non-exchange, inbound experiences for short-term learners from abroad. Examples of these activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Topic based summer schools
  • 10-day entrepreneurial workshops
  • Custom week/month long programs
  • Development workshops providing insight into higher education best practices in Canada

These experiences may begin in the form of an idea from a faculty or staff member, or a partner institution or other organization interested in exploring inbound internationalization initiatives and ways to deepen connections with UW while providing their students, staff, faculty or organization with a rich development opportunity. This toolkit has been created to serve as a starting point for the development and implementation of these ideas and opportunities and provides resources for key planning processes. 

How to Use This Toolkit: 

The intention of this toolkit is to provide resources and guidance for each step of planning and implementing your experience. The guidelines, information and processes outlined in this toolkit were developed based on environmental scans of other institutions around the world, research of UW best practices and policies, as well as through consultations with the campus community. 

Experience Development & Implementation Process

Step 1

Develop a business case/project plan

Step 2

Developing Components, Details and Structure

Step 3

Marketing Your Experience and Attendee Recruitment

Step 4

Kicking-Off and Hosting the Experience

Step 5

 Conclusion and Evaluation of the Experience 


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