International SOS – Emergency Assistance

Waterloo International subscribes to the services of International SOS to provide travel assistance and advice for both University-related and personal travel. This service is available to all full-time students, faculty, and staff. Their team of over 11,000 full-time professionals includes 1,400 doctors and over 200 security specialists. Their staff can speak 99 languages, and they have offices in 92 countries around the world. They also have access to a vast network of accredited healthcare, aviation, and security providers.

Is International SOS an insurance provider?
International SOS provides worldwide medical, security, travel, and emergency assistance – but it is NOT insurance. All University of Waterloo travellers must obtain their own out-of-country travel insurance.

There may be costs associated with any assistance you receive (i.e. prescription medication, hospital stays, and emergency evacuation).  If so, these costs will not be covered by International SOS; they may or may not be covered by your travel insurance. 

When can I use International SOS?
You have access to a wide variety of services, resources, and timely information throughout the planning and duration of your time abroad.

Prior to travel, you can receive:
  • pre-trip advice for your specific geographical location: vaccination information, cultural best practices such as greeting, tipping, and local transportation guidelines
  • specific information for LGBTQ2IA+ and female travelers
  • local currency, taxation guidelines, and banking information
  • medical standards of care that you can expect
  • access to a representative at any time; advice is unlimited and it is free to call
While you are travelling:
  • travel security and safety assistance email alerts  
  • real time alerts regarding road closures, airport delays, protests, or political rallies near your location
  • free translation services
  • access to walk-in clinics, medical professionals, replacement of your medication if it is lost or needs to be renewed
  • assistance if your passport is lost or stolen

Contact Waterloo International’s Safety Abroad Coordinator to receive your free International SOS membership number

If you would like to access International SOS's resources, please complete this three step process. Full details are provided below.
Step 1: Register with International SOS’s platform called MyTrips before you go.
MyTrips keeps the University of Waterloo informed of the geographical locations where Waterloo students, staff, and faculty are travelling in order to monitor your safety while abroad. In the event of a health, safety, or security risk in a traveler's location, authorized University of Waterloo staff are alerted to the situation and can help to facilitate emergency services if required. 
Step 2: Register for International SOS email alerts.
Step 3: Download the International SOS Assistance App.