Delegates from the Graduate School at Shenzhen Tsinghua University visit Waterloo

Monday, April 3, 2017

University of Waterloo leaders were pleased to host delegates visiting from Shenzhen Tsinghua University’s Graduate School to discuss general dual degree graduate programs, graduate student exchange, graduate recruitment and management, and job opportunities for graduate students.

The visit also included discussions about specific 1+1+1 dual degree master’s programs with the dean and faculty members from Waterloo’s Faculty of Environment and potential research collaborations in biology focused on stem cell biology, tumour biology, and nano-immune detection technology.

Graduate students had the opportunity to learn more about Waterloo’s co-operative education program, student innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Delegates from Shenzhen Tsinghua with Waterloo partners.

Fulu Mao, Ying Kong, Feridun Hamdullahpur, Jean Andrey, Lan Ma, and Ian Rowlands.

Delegates from the Graduate School at Shenzhen Tsinghua University

Professors and Staff:

Ma Lan, Associate Dean

Kong Ying, Director of Division of Social Sciences and Management

Wen Xueyuan, Office for Academic Affairs (Professional Master Programs Office)

Zhan Duoyan, Director, Graduate Student Affairs Office

Graduate Candidates:

Zhao Fangyuan, PhD candidate in Data Science and Information Technology

Hao Xin, PhD candidate in Environment Science and New Energy Technology

Zhang Dandan, second-year Master's candidate in Management Science and Engineering

Yang Di, second-year Master's candidate in Public Management

Chen Jie, second-year Master's candidate in Electrical Engineering

Li Yao, second-year Master's candidate in Biomedical Engineering

Gao Yining, second-year Master's candidate in Fashion Design

Zang Yongsen, second-year Master's candidate in Logistics Engineering

Participants from University of Waterloo

Ian Rowlands, Associate Vice-President, International

Jean Andrey, Dean, Faculty of Environment

Jonathan Blay, Professor, School of Pharmacy

Melissa Chin, Delegation and International Project Assistant, Waterloo International

Frank Gu, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Canada Research Chair in Advanced Targeted Delivery Systems

Roland Hall, Professor, Department of Biology

Shabnam Ivkovic, International Manager, CECA

Drew Knight, Director, Global Research and Strategic Initiatives, Waterloo International/Office of Research

Raymond Legge, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies Office

Julie MacMillan, Graduate International Recruitment and Admission Specialist

Fulu Mao, Coordinator, International Education and Student Advisor, Faculty of Environment  

Paul Parker, Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives, Faculty of Environment  

Daniel Scott, Professor and University Research Chair, GEM, Faculty of Environment  

Simron Singh, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Environment      

Peter Teertstra, Director of the Sedra Student Design Centre

Tara Vinodrai, Program Director Local Economic Development, SEED, Faculty of Environment  

Linda Warley, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Arts

Shawn Wettig, Associate Professor, Associate Director, Research & Graduate Studies, School of Pharmacy

Lynne Wight, Manager, Graduate International Sponsorships and Admissions, Graduate Studies Office

Suping Zhao, International Relations Manager and Special Advisor on China, Waterloo International

Delegates in the Sedra Student Design Centre.

Graduate candidates from Shenzhen Tsinghua University visit Waterloo's Sedra Student Design Centre.

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