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Staff visitors to The University of Waterloo

Generally, a staff visitor is a visitor invited by a host to access the University of Waterloo, tour the facilities, or take part in some type of job-shadowing or professional development on campus. Such visitors should not be intending to teach, lecture, or conduct academic research.  The duration of stay should be no more than 6 months and some visits may last for as little as half a day on campus.  In the spirit of mutual benefit and sharing best practices, we welcome staff members from other instutitions to visit us.

A staff visitor may come to the University of Waterloo as part of a staff exchange program. Often we host staff visitors from universities with whom we have an international agreement with.  The most important first step in visiting the University of Waterloo is arranging a host to welcome you on campus.  If you do not aleady have a host arranged your first step is to determine which faculty, department, or research centre, or institute you wish to have host you.  You'll need to find an appropriate host at the University of Waterloo to continue the process of being a staff visitor to the University.

The visa requirements to visit Canada will depend on your country of citizenship. You can visit the Government of Canada website to determine what is required based on your citizenship.  If you require a letter for entry into Canada, please have your host at Waterloo connect with Fran Hannigan in our Legal and Immigration Services department to determine what further information needs to be provided to support your visit here.

Once you've arranged for a host, we have created a checklist of tasks to be completed collaboratively between yourself and your host.  This will ensure a successful visit to our campus.