Travel safety information for students

Whether you are participating in an exchange, the study abroad program, a field course, research project, internship, or other University of Waterloo business, Waterloo International is here to support you.  Co-op students preparing for an international work term, see below. 

International Travel Checklist

These pages make up the international travel checklist for students and will provide you with the steps to prepare for your international travel. Your safety and security is a mutual obligation and priority; preparation is essential. Please follow the steps listed to the right.

To begin your journey, please obtain written approval to travel from your approving authority and submit an International Travel Registration FormOnce we have this information and create a travel file for you, you will receive an email reply. This will typically occur within 2-3 business days. 

We will work closely with you to ensure you have completed all of the required steps in order for you to meet your safety and security responsibilities prior to travel.


Digital travel safety

Information Systems and Technology has prepared tips on limiting your digital risks while travelling. Read their tips or download the PDF to take with you when you travel.

Co-op students: International work term

Risk management requirements for maintaining co-op work term credit eligibility for your international work term will be communicated to you by the Co-operative Education department.  Within a couple of days of being matched with a job, or your arranged-own job being approved, an International Employment Specialist will be in touch with you via WaterlooWorks for next steps.  For more information, please see the International Co-op Travel Requirements page.