Information for students

No one wants to be sick or injured far from home. It’s important that you make smart decisions that will keep you safe and healthy. Follow these steps to plan ahead and complete the checklist on the right hand side of this webpage to ensure that you are safe while away.


  • Complete the online pre-departure course
  • Complete a Risk Management form
  • Review the Government of Canada Travel Advisories and obtain approval from your supervisor or department/unit
  • Use the University's preferred travel agent, Frederick Travel
  • Register with the Government of Canada at Canadians Abroad
  • Review your travel health coverage 
  • Ensure your vaccinations are up-to-date
  • Complete emergency forms
  • Learn who to contact in an emergency
  • Learn how to stay safe abroad and familiarize yourself with International SOS
  • Go to International travel safety and security and review "Tell us where you're going" and "Stay informed while abroad"
  • Compete the arrival form once you land in your host country