A safety message from the the AVP, International

Ian Rowlands

I am delighted that you are considering the opportunity to travel abroad, whether for study or business, while you are a member of the University of Waterloo. Your safety and security is important to the University of Waterloo. We strive to prepare you well for your trip before you go, while you are away, and after you return. That is our commitment to you. However, travelling as a member of the University is also a shared responsibility; your trip will be especially successful if you access the resources we have available.

The University of Waterloo provides tools and other resources to help you prepare for your travel experience. Please access the relevant link on this website and work with your academic or work advisor. We also offer clear plans as to what we can do should something go wrong when you are abroad.

For your part, you need to be willing to invest in the preparation for your trip. We expect you to find out what you need to know for a successful international experience, and to provide us with affirmations of that knowledge. We also expect you to remain true to your pre-departure commitments, be easily-contactable by the University while you are away, and make use of previously-outlined mitigation plans, should that be necessary. If you are not ready to take on these responsibilities, then you are not ready to travel.

In partnership, the University of Waterloo and you can work together so that your time abroad is transformational for you, while ensuring your safety and security to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your willingness to be a partner in this important endeavour.

Ian Rowlands, AVP, International