Joint academic programs

Internationalize your degree

With a joint academic program you complete the first portion of your studies at your home institution and the second portion at Waterloo. Depending on the program, you may also earn degrees from both institutions. The exact amount and sequencing of time spent at each varies according to the specific program agreement.

Here’s what our partnering institution agreements offer:


Baku State University 
     Mathematics, Science undergraduate pathway


Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
     Engineering cotutelle


Beijing Institute of Technology
     Arts, Science 2+2
Beijing Jiaotong University
     Arts, Environment, Science 2+2; Science 2+1+1
Capital Normal University
     Environment 2+2; Environment 1+2+1
Central China Normal University
     Science 2+2
Chang'An University
     Environment, Science 2+2
China Agricultural University
     Science 2+2
China University of Geosciences, Beijing
     Environment 1+1+1 master’s; Environment, Science 2+2
China University of Geosciences, Wuhan
     Arts, Environment, Science 2+2; Science 2+1+1
China University of Mining and Technology
     Science 2+2
China University of Petroleum, Beijing
     Science 2+2
China University of Petroleum, Huadong
     Science 2+2
Dalian University of Technology
     Science 2+2
East China University Of Science And Technology (ECUST) 
     Economics 2+2; Mathematical Economics 2+2
Harbin Institute of Technology
     Science 2+2
Harbin University of Science & Technology
     Science 2+2
Hefei University of Technology
     Science 2+2
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
     Science 2+2
Nanjing University 
     Arts, Environment, Mathematics, Science 2+2; Environment 2+1+1; Math, Science 3+X; Mathematics double degree master's
Nanjing University of Finance & Economics
     Environment 3+2
National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)
Nanotechnology dual degree doctoral cotutelle
Northwest University
     Science 2+2
Ocean University of China
     Science 2+2
Shandong Normal University
     Arts, Science 2+2
Soochow University
     Science 3+1+1; Science 2+2; Engineering, Science doctoral studies
South China University of Technology
     Engineering 3+X
Southeast University
     Environment 2+2
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
     Math 3+1+1
Sun Yat-Sen University
     Science 2+2
Tianjin University
     Science 2+2
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)
     Dual degree doctoral Engineering cotutelle, Math cotutelle
​Tsinghua University
     Math 3+X
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
     Dual degree doctoral program Mathematics cotutelle
University of Science & Technology Beijing
     Arts, Science 2+2
Wuhan University
     Environment, Science 2+2; Mathematics 3+X
Xiamen University
     Arts, Science 2+2
Xi'an University of Arts and Sciences
     Applied Health Sciences 2+2
Zhejiang University
     Math 3+X
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law 
     Arts 2+2


University of Mannheim
     Arts joint master’s, Arts cotutelle


Sharif University of Technology
     University wide cotutelle


University of Al-Muthanna
     Science doctoral studies


National Institute for Materials Science
     Cooperative Graduate Agreement for Research

United Kingdom

University of Warwick
     Arts double degree master’s

Contact the Admissions Coordinator, Registrar’s Office, with questions about Joint Academic Program undergraduate application procedures.

Contact Lynne Wight, Manager, Graduate International Agreements, Recruitment and Admissions, Graduate Studies Office, with questions about Joint Academic Program graduate application procedures.

Contact Eric Jardin, Manager, International Agreements, Waterloo International, with questions about our Joint Academic Program agreements.