Welcoming the world to our campus

When we open our doors to guest students and faculty, not only do we encourage academic learning, but we’re also giving students access to new cultures, opinions and a globalized worldview. A strong global presence creates a more internationalized campus and greater diversity. Everyone wins.

Exchange students

With over 100 student exchange agreements, we’ve made it more convenient for international students to attend the University of Waterloo.

Study abroad students

The University of Waterloo has formal study abroad agreements with numerous institutions allowing you to come to Waterloo for a term or two and experience Canadian culture as you study through our Study Abroad program.

Visiting students & scholars

Visiting students and scholars from around the world come to our campus each year to study, teach, lecture and conduct research. These positions are non-degree and non-credit. We welcome visiting student or faculty research scholars.

International high school students

International high school students are invited to join IDEAS, a 2-week enrichment program, this summer for a chance to work with other students from around the world on solving the world’s biggest problems. At IDEAS, you will make new friends, live on a university campus, and study a range of subjects.