Guidelines for Project Rooms

The project rooms are a shared resource between many different projects. Please be considerate of others. You may have to share a room with other projects from time to time.

Please DO

  • schedule your time in outlook when you will be using a work station in the project room
  • cancel any times in outlook that you will not be using a work station due to changes in your schedule/plans so that it is available for others to book
  • leave the room neat and tidy: chairs next to their respective desks, bottles/mugs/plates taken to the kitchen or to your cubicle
  • wipe the white boards clean as soon as that information is not needed anymore.  Others using the project room may need to use the white boards as well so please be considerate.
  • take the blue box to the kitchen periodically, sort and dump the items in the corresponding large blue containers.  Cleaning services does not deal wiht recycling from project rooms/meetings rooms/offices.
  • log off the computer you have been using. This will prevent you from losing work in case somebody else is trying to log in, or upgrades/installations are needed
  • leave the computers turned on so that they can receive upgrades/installations
  • please submit a service request if you need software upgrades/changes/installations on project room computers
  • please submit a service request if you notice any damage in any of the project rooms (broken furniture, equipment not working properly, lights not working, et cetera)

Please DO NOT:

  • book all of the computers in a project room if you will not be using all of the computers
  • drink from open cups (use containers with lids) - liquid spillage will damage the computers
  • attempt to install software/upgrades yourself
  • attempt to use temporary fixes for broken items within the project room.  Please  submit a service request to report these
  • swap out any of the equipment or furniture within the project rooms.  If there are issues with equipment or furniture, please submit a service request

If you do not currently have access to book computers in the project rooms, please submit a service request