Enterprise Architecture (EA)

What is enterprise architecture (EA)?

Enterprise architecture is the digital representation of the business and information technology landscape across the enterprise, classified and organized in relation to one another. 

The EA practice contributes toward programs and projects by providing insights and identifying opportunities to business and IT challenges.  The enterprise architecture is led by the Strategic Architect, who works collaboratively with various stakeholders to develop and document the necessary architectural artifacts and principles.

The scope of practice of EA within Information Systems & Technology is at a project level, where the Strategic Architect participates in programs and projects to provide architectural artifacts within targeted EA domains.

What are the enterprise architecture domains practiced within the Project Management Office?

Within Information Systems & Technology, the current EA focus is within the domains of

  • Applications architecture - describe applications structures, capabilities and their interrelationships (interfaces and integrations between applications)
  • Technology architecture - describe hardware and software infrastructure that supports applications (includes networks, servers, storages, etc)
  • Security Architecture - describes all security aspects related to applications, technology and data security (principles, guidelines, measures, etc.)