Project Artifact Library

Purpose of Project Artifact Library

The purpose of the project artifact library is to provide a searchable database of previous projects' lessons learned and project management documents.  This will allow current and future projects to

  • learn what other projects have done
  • re-use documents from historical projects that have similar characteristics
  • use previous learnings towards their own projects

The PMO will be conducting and sharing trend reports on lessons learned.  These reports will be used to determine future education opportunities.

The project artifact library is currently being built.  Please send artifacts for IST projects to the PMO so that they will be included. 

Project Artifact Library Participants

The PMO maintains the artifact library with your project's information through three methods:

  1. You can send your lessons learned and key project management documents to the PMO (online or email)
  2. Once the library is built, you will be able to upload your project documents
  3. the PMO can facilitate your project closure process and assist towards reporting success and lessons learned

All staff in IST will have access to search the artifact library once it is built.  The artifact library is only as valuable as the information within it so please share your project information so that others can benefit from it.